Muscle Wraps is the premier car wrap customization shop in Reno. Our facility has all the latest equipment and tools to help ensure we are at the top in the vehicle wraps industry. We offer only the highest quality vinyl films, brands and constantly test out new material to make sure we are always aware which company is providing the best product and which film is best for each job. We offer everything from full color change wraps, custom car wraps, tint, PPF (clear bra) and powder coats.

The evolution of the vinyl wrap industry is quite remarkable. With the development of high quality materials and seamless installation techniques, wrapping your vehicle has become the preferred way to change the color of your car...without a paint job. Beyond the advantages of paint protection and customization, vehicle wraps provide eco-friendly solutions to change the color of your vehicle, or whatever you want wrapped. Not only are vinyl wraps eco-friendly, but their longevity, durability, conformability, and ease of removal have also evolved.

We are the 3M Authorized Shop in Reno.

We invite you to give us a call and get an estimate for your vehicle color change wrap, tint, or other auto styling needs. Below are some examples of how we make our customers happy.