3M Window Tint

Get the high-end window tint for your vehicle in Reno, NV. Window Tinting in Reno. Muscle Wraps Window Tinting your local authorized 3M Window Film Dealer provides installation for a wide variety.

Muscle Wraps are 3M Certified dealers who have completed additional training and certification to demonstrate their product knowledge and installation expertise.

3M window films are the ultimate in high technology combining 28 micro-layers.

We use 3M™ Automotive Window Tinting Products because we want the best results for our customers. No other car tinting products can offer the combination of superior auto tinting performance, the best nationwide warranty, and a nationwide network of certified dealers/applicators.

3M is a leader in advanced technology car tinting films. With their Ceramic Auto Films, 3M™ has patented technology for car window tint that incorporates a unique process not found in other automotive glass tinting products. Their multi-layered car tint film holds the color (never fades or turns purple) and does not interfere with cell phone or satellite radio signals.