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3M Crystalline is the newest line of window film for your vehicle and is without a doubt, the absolute best quality window film product available in the world today. 3M has set a benchmark for all other products to strive for, producing a virtually clear 70% visible light transmittance window film with a Total Solar Energy Rejection of 50%, IR Rejection of 97% and a SPF 1700 rating.

Verified by the Skin Cancer Foundation to block UltraViolet radiation by 99.99%, these films are recommended for use in preventative medicine efforts. Patients suffering from skin conditions, eye conditions, or even migraine headaches, can benefit from the protection offered by this phenomenal window film. The Crystalline window film is expensive, but the protection this film provides for you is worth every dollar. Don't settle for anything less than the best, 3M Crystalline tint for your car.